Happy Consimites at The Wild Tribe Ranch

The Wild Tribe Ranch at Ponneri (Now shifted to ECR, Chennai)

It had been a looooong time since we, the Happy Consimites had met together and Santhosh had come from london for his holiday. We had decided to meet up on September 5 or 6th 2015 and after month’s planning, we finally fixed the venue to be the Wild Tribe Ranch. It’s an adventure park to the north of Chennai, in a place called Ponneri. None of us had visited that park before and all of us were enthralled to get there. As always, we were having a lot of changes in the plan and only by two days before the actual date, we finally fixed the place. This would be my first trip where I would be taking out my Nykoo (Nikon D5500) out to the wild.

On September 6th 2015,

The day had finally come and we were pretty excited. I woke up very early in the morning at about 5AM and got ready by 6. Our cab that me and Dharani had booked arrived on time at our house. We started off almost on schedule and first picked up Ishwarya at Indira Nagar, Adyar. While on the way, we called up the others and told them to be ready. Next, we buckled up Abinaya at Medavakkam, as she was in her friend’s house that morning. Following on, we took Santhosh, Karthik Balaje on the way and finally caught up with Srinath and Chetna at Perungalathur.

We took the bypass highway and started off slick on time and reached the outskirts of Chennai by 8.45AM. While on the way, we had troubles finding the right directions for the park and once we even messed up by getting into a farm. We were astounded with our driver’s skills as he swiftly drew the 9-seater Chevy Tavera along the foot-path of the crop field in REVERSE!!. While on the way to the park, we had a great time talking and making fun of ourselves after a long break.

At around 9.50AM, we reached nearby area where the park is and we all moved into a restaurant for the morning breakfast. Starting with sambar idlis, we dug ourselves into the food one by one as plates came in. At around 10.50 AM, we finally reached the park, “The Wild Tribe Ranch”.

The excitement continued as we all got down and took a look at various tickets for the park. Thankfully, the place was completely empty and we were the only ones to be there when we arrived. We all got the tickets, and we moved towards the ‘Supreme Geronimo’ (Kind of like a bungee liftoff). I was the first one to try and man, it was awesome! Weighing very less, I was lifted off to a spectacular height two times and it was really exciting. All of us tried it one by one and Ishwarya really freaked out although she loved it. For the other fat-sos, the cable couldn’t lift them up and so it was kind of boring to see them just bounce off a little :P.

Next, we all tried the bull-ride starting off with Chetna. Abi was the one who could manage to be on the bull for a longer time :D . We all took a lot of pictures at every ride and it was more fun than the actual ride itself :) . Next up was my favorite, the ATV. Not sure why everyone else drove it like a tractor in a crop field, but I really loved and paced against time with the ATV ride :D . Then, we had fun in the obstacle courses, a course with gym balls and finally headed out for lunch.

We had been arranged lunch by the management, we had a separate room for us to dig in again but I wasn’t hungry at all to have lunch. I skipped lunch and instead I had lots of glucose to quench me through the rest of the day. After eating, me and Abi explored a few macro options in my camera and also found a toad by the wash basin.

And next came the Archery. Here everyone excelled in giving good poses for their portraits than hitting the target itself which was pretty funny :D . We took a lot of pictures and we were completely exhausted. With the remaining tickets, me, Dharani and Chetna went on the sliding bungee ride, the boys went on the ATV. Wrapping the day up, Chetna and Abi went up on the Trampoline. By 5PM, we started off from the park with a lot of sweat and memories.

On the way back, the fun talks continued as we discussed about our futures and life partners — dropping one by one in their respective places. Certainly, this day could be one of the memorable days for we, the Happy Consimites. I’ve been a part of a lot of groups in my life but Happy Consimites would be my favorite in any of those. Contrary, to what most people have, where School gangs and College gangs are most cherished their life, Happy Consimites would be the one in the top that I will cherish forever ‘as a group’. I really wish that we can all stay together like this, even after everyone of us get married, explore and enjoy a lot more together. Although its been a long time since this happened, I really wanted this to be on my blog. My blog is going on through some tough customizations that I’m not able to take the time to learn and fix it, Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon. If I had missed anything or if you wish to ask me anything regarding the park, let me know your comments below.

Photos taken are available on demand, feel free to contact me via IM or e-mail.