2014 : An year that keeps getting better

Hello Everyone,

I’m back in 2014. Starting off with a lot of enthusiasm on the New year’s day, Me and Arumugam went to the Besant Nagar beach to welcome the new year. We had at Kuttanadu Restaurant and we wanted to make it special. We bought food for the poor, donated a few toys to the children and we went to a fortune telling lady to find whats up for us in 2014. The lady said that this year wouldn’t be nice for me and continued that it’ll be the same as 2013. Although I don’t believe much in fortune telling, that gave me the creeps. We had a lot of fun in the beach that night and returned home by 2AM. We started cooking well in our room to save money and I was surprised that I had spent only Rs.1500 of my parents’ money in January.

We also had a great time at the Republic Day celebrations, we went to the Marina Beach to salute for our mother land and watch the parade. Nothing much has happened this year, but it feels great to be back like in 2012. I’m trying to get back all my old friends as I had decided and there’s more to come. As for as this blog is concerned, I’m thinking of ways how I keep it with sync with my life, as I don’t keep much to write and post it here. With Kirthika, Prabhaharan, Namasivayam and many of my old friends getting back in touch, a lot of challenges awaiting at ICAT and on my personal career side, 2014 is definitely going to be one of the game changing years of my life.