It’s About Time, I Make The Change!

An year back, I decided to make the hardest decision in my life, that is to quit my job and try to pursue a career that I dreamt about. And during that course, I learnt that I have a passion towards creating new ideas for games and gameplay ideas rather than drawing complex stuff on the screen. I also learnt that I have a very good interest in programming mobile applications just like I program the web and I was very confused about my future career.

Along with my team at ICAT, Chelladurai and others were working hard from the start of March for the International Video Games Competition at Scotland, “Dare To Be Digital”, but as days kept passing by, I was losing a lot of interest in programming games, which is definitely awkward. I realised something is wrong with my decisions and because of my decisions, myself, my friends and my parents had to suffer. Nevertheless, I still don’t regret what I had done. I strongly believe that every decision I make is approved by god for my better future. It may not look okay now but as time passes by, the jigsaw puzzle of my life start to take shape by itself.

Last year, I strongly set myself to go into a career that can influence the life of the people and I believed that building games was one of the way that I do that. Through ICAT, I learnt that game development is not easy as an individual because, developing a game requires a lot of likely minded people. Starting from the concept, the Game art, the Game Design, the Game Engine, the Audio and more, the Game Development is one serious process that one cannot do alone beginning a beginner. This was something were I faced a lot of difficulty explaining to my friends and family, why I couldn’t excel in this field yet. Although, everyone around me boosted me that I can do everything, and I’m capable of doing anything that I set my mind too, almost no one could realise the real truth about the game development process. When friends tell me,

C’mon Parithi, create a game like GTA, NFS..

Is that game that you did? Awesome!!

I really feel miserable that they don’t get the point at all. The first problem is that most of my friends aren’t gamers at all, not even casual gamers. Although, they seem to think that they are boosting me, that’s not the way it works inside me. The only people who can understand me, was my classmates at ICAT, who face almost the same problem. Despite the terrible education given at ICAT, we tried to learn a little bit of Unity, a Game Engine, by ourselves and we were kind of confident that we would get placed. But getting placed at some company for a meagre salary, were I should work for hours and hours, on an idea that is created a generate a lot of revenue and was copied from an idea that is already popular, was not the point of quitting my well loved job at I wanted to work in a place where I can showcase my real talent and creativity, developing new ideas, and working on advanced new end technologies such as Augmented Reality. I wanted to work in something, that I will someday connect with my future dream, instead of just getting paid for a living right now. I met a lot of game developers giving lectures at ICAT and seriously they all have a lot of love for game development and really they do work for their passion. But almost all of them lack the one thing, I always had in my mind, that is to “Change the World”.

Every single day, new technology advancements are being developed at big companies, such as the Loop Internet from Google, the self landing Dragon V2 space capsule from SpaceX, a self parking car from Nissan, a 4K television released by Sony and there’s more. And still today, there are people who don’t even have access to the internet, don’t even know how to get directions to a place on a smartphone, people don’t know that they can make free calls using the internet. My family doesn’t even know how to send me an image through WhatsApp. There’s so much that we are capable of doing but still not many of us do it. Forgetting the people who don’t care about these, even those who wish to change things are unable to do because are busy taking care of our own lives.

With almost a day of thought, and still even now, I don’t how I can could bridge the gap to the real career path that I wish to take on my 25th birthday. The first thing that is stopping me from do what I really love to do is the financial burden that is indirectly placed on me because of ICAT and all the expenses that had been done by me in the past year. Secondly, I should get into a well settled and a secured job, so that I can think free about my future without worrying about my present. Thirdly, the most stupid and unnecessary fear I have because of my emotional lock with my friends, that is the fear that my friends will depart to their own paths as I take my own.

As I said earlier, what I’m confident about is that, I know some way or the other I’ll connect the dots to reach the real path at the right time and therefore, I really need not worry about that right now. What I need to worry now is about my career that I take up till that point and also the people who are going to be with me when I reach there. Clearly, in order to create something by myself requires a lot of knowledge in technology and also management. I need to find the right set of people to share my same vision so that I can reach my target faster and also contribute to others. Within the next 2 years, I need to learn a lot in programming the web & mobile as they are ones who are going to take control of the future for the next years.

Apart from that, I need to find time to be free, try out some sport, play a lot of video games, go on a hike or trek to beautiful places and try out various cuisines. Something I really need to do, discover new friends with minds just like mine and I’m sure a lot of them are out there. I should pursue my hobbies of reviewing technology and sharing adventure experiences to the people who are just like me.

People are going to change. There’s no stopping them.

If there’s one big thing that I learnt in the past year, it’s something about the people around me and around others. It’s definitely clear that, no matter how clooo(..)se you are, no matter how much you time you spent for them, no matter what all you did for them, when they decide to change, they will change. There’s no way you can stop that. Never ever ‘trust’ anyone that they’ll be the same forever but you can always ‘believe’ in them. Realise the true meaning between trust and belief, also accept it if they change. Because, that’s how life is. Everyone, needs to catch their train when it comes. No one is going to wait for yours to come too. And I know most of you will catch your train when it comes, and if you don’t, you’re pretty stupid. That’s a lesson what Ishwarya and Abi taught me about people. I used to think that none of my friends would leave me so easily, but when certain people just make a sudden jump, I just couldn’t accept it.

..Stop living other people’s lives.. — Steve Jobs

Remember that the people who wish to be with you, will always be with you. You can’t stop them either. So stop worrying about ‘anyone’ and concentrate on your life and your destiny instead of living for others. There’s so much we have to do for the country, science and humanity.

As a new June starts, and as the next chapter of my life begins, I have a lot to learn as I take up my new job as a Mobile Developer at CompuSystems tomorrow, and there’s a lot of adventures, things to do as the days come by. It’s time for me to make some major changes for myself and the people who believe in me. Let’s wait and find out what I can uncover..